2016 Greenbrier Valley Flood Recovery

Once a community has been stabilized, efforts need to shift from immediate relief to long-term rebuilding and recovery.

Recovery is a marathon not a sprint.  Resources can step in too early and exhaust funding.

A major disaster such as we have experienced typically requires between 5 and 10 years before a community has returned to a state of normalcy.

Funding will be needed up to 10 years.

Long-term operational funding for community recovery requires attentive grantmaking that is flexible.  New information continues to become available; timelines shift; priorities can change.

The Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation will be concentrating on

long-term recovery.

The board of directors has established a fund to support rebuilding projects with an initial $10,000 donation. 

Contributions to this effort can be made through this PayPal button:

Country Roads Recovery Fund has also been established to bring together business leaders, relief organizations, government officials, and titans of industry in order to rebuild for long-term recovery and prosperity.
A new West Virginia for a better tomorrow! 

Donations to the Country Roads Recovery Fund can be made through this PayPal button: